Ways of depositing into the trading account of Natural persons

FIBO Group offers the following methods in order to deposit funds into your trading account:

Wire transfers

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We accept wire transfers in RUR, EUR, USD, GBP, CLP and CHF.

Additional charges may apply. For more information, contact your bank.

Wire transfers are typically processed within 5 days. Bank fees for transfers range from USD 35-50.

Wire transfer details may be viewed by logging in to your FIBO account and selecting "Payment details".

For the prompt replenishment of your trading account, we recommend that you use the "Payment notification form".

Fees: depend on the conditions of the transferring bank. Bank fees typically range from USD 35-50.
Transfer sum limit: none.
Processing: transfers are normally processed within 2-5 days.
Currency: RUR, EUR, USD, GBP, CLP and CHF.

Credit/debit card payments

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FIBO Group, Ltd. Company offers its clients the opportunity to deposit funds into their trading accounts via the bank cards of the international payment systems MasterCard, Maestro, VISA (or VISA Electron) through the PayOnline System processing center (Irvind Global LTD. AZ1117, 5035 BILAJARI SHTG, 2/83, Baku, Azerbaijan).

How to debit your account via a bank card?

Fee: 2.5%.
Restrictions: no more than 3 000$ for a transaction can be fulfilled within a 24-hour period. Service is not available for the cards issued by the banks of Canada, Germany, Israel, Turkey, Armenia and the USA. The transaction can be accomplished only from the country of the issuing bank, otherwise the payment will be rejected.
Processing: During business hours, upon the receipt of funds and completing the notification of depositing the account.
Currency: Transfer can be completed via a bank card opened in any currency.

WebMoney transfers

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The WebMoney Online Payment System has various options for immediate and non-refundable transactions. A wide range of deposit/withdrawal options, coupled with small fees, make WebMoney transfers even more attractive.

You can replenish your trading account via:

How does it work?

To replenish your account via WebMoney, you will need to transfer funds from your ‘purse’ to one of our Webmoney purses (WMID 173475933005). You can find our WebMoney details in your FIBO account. When making a transfer, indicate the number of the trading account to be replenished in the “comments” field. We recommend that you use a protection code when making transfers.

To join WebMoney, you need to install a Client Interface on your PC, PDA or mobile device, register with the System, accept the Terms of Use, after which you will receive a WMID – a unique identification number and your account number and identifier within the System. Registration also requires verification: every user should apply for and receive a WM Passport — an online document supplied during registration that verifies your personal data. For more information, please see the WebMoney website.

Fees: For each transaction you will be charged 0.8% of no less than 0.01WM. Maximum transaction fees differ for each WM currency (e.g. USD 50, EUR 50).
Transfer sum limit: none.
Processing: immediate for merchant payments; within an hour for direct payments made during business hours.
Currency: EUR, USD.

Please pay attention to the following Disclaimer

Immediate replenishment via QIWI Wallet

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We would like to introduce to you the secure payment system QIWI Wallet, for an immediate and convenient replenishment of your trading account.

Nowadays QIWI Wallet is a versatile and convenient tool for immediate replenishment of your trading account with no commission.

How does it work?

Register QIWI Wallet

You will be able to precede payments not only using funds of your QIWI Wallet accounts, but also by cash through QIWI terminals as well.

The service is available only on the territory of

Commission: in case of paying from QIWI Wallet account there is no commission to pay. If you pay by QIWI terminal, 500 rubles and above, you also will not pay any commission.
Transfer sum limit: not more than 15 000 rubles or equal for a transaction.
Processing: immediately upon the payment of the invoice.
Currency: USD, RUR, EUR.

Immediate replenishment via Baofoo payment system

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In order to make a payment, please, choose the trading account that you want to replenish. Enter the amount of payment and press "Replenish". There are two types of verification method:

  1. E-banking security device
  2. SMS

If you choose E-banking security device, you will need to get verification code generated by your security device. If you choose SMS option,the verificaiton code will be send to your phone.

Your trading account will be deposited immediately upon the payment of the invoice.

Fees: none
Currency: CNY
Limitations: none
Processing: immediately upon the payment of the invoice (please note company’s internal currency conversion rates)

Immediate replenishment via DIXIPAY

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To replenish your trading account via DIXIPAY it is necessary to have an account with this system. An account can be opened at the official site of the payment system.

You can find more detailed information about trading account replenishment via DIXIPAY at your Personal Account with FIBO Group.

Fees: According to the conditions of DIXIPAY system the fees are paid both by the payer and by the recipient in the amount of 0.5% of the transfer ( but not less than $0.02). However according to CUSTOMER AGREEMENT point 5.5 “All expenses related to transfer of funds by the Client shall be borne in full by the Client”
Transfer sum limit: the minimum amount is $0.02.
Processing: immediately upon the payment of the invoice.
Currency: USD

Sending money via the OKPAY e-payment system

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The OKPAY e-payment system is popular due to its excellent service, quick transactions, low fees and the variety of methods for depositing funds.

To deposit funds to your trading account through the OKPAY e-payment system, you should first have an account opened with them. Please pay attention that payments can only be accepted from an OKPAY account registered with the same name as the FIBO personal trading account. Payments sent from third parties cannot be accepted and will be sent back to the original source.

You may learn more details on the OKPAY e-payment system in your Client Cabinet.

Fees: 0,5%, but no more than 100 RUR or 2.99 USD, or 2.99 EUR.
Transfer sum limit: no limitation.
Processing: Within business hours after we receive your PAYMENT NOTIFICATION FORM filled in after the transaction via your Client Cabinet. Payments that arrive on weekends or outside of normal working hours will be deposited within the next working day.
Currency: We accept funds in any currency but in order to avoid possible losses on the currency convergence, we would strongly recommend that the funds are sent in the same currency as the currency of your trading account.

Deposit funds via Fasapay

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You may use the Fasapay payment system to fund your trading account fast.

To fund your trading account via the Fasapay payment system you should have an account opened with this service provider.

Smart interface in English and Indonesian is to help you check out all the system functions very fast.

Please kindly note that the account holder with Fasapay and FIBO Group should be the same person. Transfers from third parties will not be accepted and will be returned to the sender.

For more detailed information please see your Client Cabinet.

Fees: For each transaction you will be charged 0.5% but no less than $0.01. Maximum transaction fee is $5.00
Transfer sum limit: minimum transfer sum is $0.10/100.00 IDR, maximum transfer sum is $1 000 000.00 / 50000.00 IDR per one transaction.
Processing: Immediately after recieving the funds (Within working hours). Payments received at the weekends and after business hours will be deposited to the customers' accounts on the first subsequent working day.
Currency: USD, IDR

Sending money via Neteller

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To deposit the funds to your trading account through the Neteller payment system, you must have an account opened with them. Please be advised that the payments can only be accepted from the account with the same name as stated on the client's personal trading account with FIBO. The payments sent from the third paries cannot be accepted and we will have to send them back to the original source.

You can find the more detailed information about this way of payment at your personal cabinet.

Commissions: 1.9%
Limitations: The minimum amount $10 plus the amount of commissions
Clearance: The same working day if received within normal working hours. Payments that arrive on weekends or outside of normal working hours will be deposited within the next working day.
Currencies: USD.