Deal Smart Ė A revolutionary system for technical analysis.

The Deal Smart program is designed to work with graphs of all OTC instruments and wholesale FX markets for Forex, Futures and CFDs.

The system allows you:

  • to get quotes in real-time mode
  • to view incoming financial news
  • to make market technical analysis

Deal Smart provides you with graphs which are built in different ways: Bars, Japanese Candlesticks, Lines and Kagi Lines.

Special features of Deal Smart include building of graphs with standard and non-standard time frames. For data analysis the system provides you with many options: trend lines, channels, Fibonacci lines, support and resistance lines and zones, which can be built in the window of the graph.

The System allows you to use various popular indicators, such as ADX, Bollinger Lines, RSI, Moving Average, Stochastic, MACD, %R and many others.

The window of the graph allows you to make comments.

In order to facilitate your work, you have the possibility to create and save your personal settings. If you face any problems please feel free to use integrated “help” support.

There are 2 free options of accessing Deal Smart

Options Demo access Full access
Instruments Currency pairs - 21
CFD`s - 19
Currency pairs - 60
CFD`s - 66
news No Yes
Graphs All options are available All options are available
indicators All All
payment Freeware Freeware
Access After registration on company`s web site After top-up of your account


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