Managed account (PAMM)


Managed account (PAMM) is a service that enables traders to manage funds of many investors on one live account. The service would be interesting to the professional traders, who manage clients’ funds, and for those who don’t have any experience in trading, but who would like to receive profit on Forex and CFD markets.


FIBO Group is happy to introduce to you the unique program of managed accounts. Managed account (PAMM - Percentage Allocation Management Module) is a module of percentage allocation, which allows you to manage investors' funds in an integrated manner.

Useful information:

What is a Managed account?

A Managed account is a high-yield investment instrument, providing the most comfortable and transparent conditions for cooperation with professional asset managers and potential investors with the participation of the third party – the Company.


A Managed account (Percentage Allocation Management Module) — is a special mechanism, functioning on the trading account which allows a trader – Asset Manager to use aggregate funds from an unlimited number of investors as well as his own funds to make speculative operations on the global financial markets.

The principle of the Managed accounts function consists of an automatic division of profits and losses received from a result of the trading operations, in proportion to shares of all participants of the Managed account.

The size of the Manager's fee, as well as other conditions of the Manager and Investors' cooperation within the Managed account services, are defined by the Manager's Offer.


  • All trading operations on the Managed account are made only by the Manager;
  • Investors' funds are not transferred to the Manager's trading account and he doesn't have any opportunity to withdraw them;
  • All operations of deposits and withdrawals of the investors' funds to and from the Managed account are made only by the Investor;
  • All calculations on the trading operations made on the Managed account are executed only by the Company;
  • All money transfers to the Managed account and withdrawals from it are executed only through the Clients' trading accounts.
  • Thus the Managed account prevents Investors from non-trading risks. The Investor makes any trading risks on their own.
  • The popularity of the Managed account service, besides its potential of high profitability and transparency of the investment scheme, is determined by a combination of significant advantages for each participating party.

In particular, an Asset Manager can:

  • Attract an unlimited number of Investors and manage the aggregate funds on one account without any additional liability to manage their accounts separately;
  • Get yield as a part of profit, received in the result of managing Investors' funds, in addition to the profit, received from managing own funds;
  • Attract investments in the amount, multiply exceeding the size of his own funds;
  • Use the service "Managed account statistics" and other options on the Company's website for advertising and promoting his services as a professional Manager.

An Investor can:

  • Participate in the high-yield type of activity, which is margin trading on the FOREX and CFD markets, without having enough knowledge and skills for self-trading;
  • Evaluate professionalism of the particular Asset Manager before investing funds from the point of optimal combination of profitability and risks with the help of Rating of the Managed accounts, information on the "Statistics of the Managed account" page and interpersonal communication on the Company's Forum;
  • Start investing from the minimum amount (according to the conditions of the Offer);
  • Follow the results of Manager's work in the real-time mode;
  • Control the status of his funds increasing or decreasing the size of investments at any time up to the total withdrawal of funds from the Managed account;
  • Participate in an unlimited number of Managed accounts.

How to become a participant of Managed account?

Any client can become a participant of a Managed account - natural person or legal entity, which has concluded the Customer Agreement with the Company and has opened and activated a trading or investor account with the Company in their name.

How to become a participant of a Managed account at FIBO Group:

  1. Become a client of FIBO Group - open a trading or investor's account.
    To do so click on the link posted on the Company's website or open a trading or an investor's account in your personal Client Cabinet;
  2. Deposit your trading or investor's account in the amount enough to form the Manager's capital, or in the amount of investment according to the Offer of the Managed account;
  3. Read the Company's rules and policies;
  4. Complete the registration procedure as a Manager or Investor;
  5. Start earning money with the Managed accounts at FIBO Group!

Make the first step:

Open a trading account
Open an investor's account

How to learn more about Managed account service?

The "Managed account" service refers to a category of the complex services. In order to avoid possible mistakes and unpleasant consequences potential Asset Managers and Investors are advised to learn as much as possible about the service before start working.

What sources of information on the Company's website can help you understand the subject?

  • Start your acquaintance with service with the Rating of Managed accounts. Rating of Managed accounts is the list of active Managed accounts which can be ranked on the main parameters such as: account currency, Manager's capital, Total Profitability, Daily Profitability, Offer, etc.
  • Clicking on the Managed account name opens the «Managed account statistics» page which allows all potential Investors and participants of the Managed account to monitor the Manager's results. Please, pay your attention to the pop-up notes and explanations to the charts.
  • You can ask your questions or write a message by means of a new form of feedback. You can write the message in two ways:
    • Choose a Managed account and click on link "Contact Manager" in the personal Client Cabinet
    • Open the Managed account statistics and click on the link "Contact Manager
  • If you don't find the answer to your question in one of the mentioned sources, our specialist will always be glad to assist you.


Notice of risk

  • FIBO Group does not guarantee profit to any of its Managed account investors and warns them that no positive record of trading strategy implementation ensures the repeat of trading success in future.
  • FIBO Group is not responsible for Manager's and Investors' actions providing "Managed account" service. Any positive or negative consequences of Management have a direct effect solely upon Manager and Investor and are a result of Manager's activity.
  • Manager conducts trading activity solely on his own behalf and at his own responsibility.
  • FIBO Group does not assess Manager's competence, his business or ethical merits and bears no responsibility for the possible loss or missed profit caused by those before Investor at any stage of manager’s activity.

Fibo Group Ltd. provides you with the technical opportunity to trade on Managed accounts and it doesn’t take any responsibility for the actions of the third parties, acting as Managers of Managed accounts. The Manager makes all activity on the account on his own behalf and undertakes all risks and responsibilities.