Futures and Options Trading Worldwide

FIBO Group Company is glad to offer you to broaden significantly your trading opportunities by getting direct access to the leading futures and options exchanges of the world.

Exchange derivatives trade is characterized by the highest level of clients’ protection, which is provided by the following factors:

  • Your trading account is opened directly with one of the largest futures brokers in the world.
  • Transparency, compliance with strict requirements and control of all market participants are guaranteed by such organizations, as the CFTC and the NFA. Your investments will be safely protected by the US law, rules and charters of the US government and national self-regulating organizations.
  • Your money will be kept on segregated accounts of the US largest banks - Harris Trust and Savings Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank. Segregating of accounts is an effective model, which protects investors and separates the assets of the clients and the broker.

Thus, the majority of risks specific to trading on financial and commodity markets are completely leveled by the absolute transparency of the exchange trading.

Apart from that, you will get a number of advantages connected directly with trading operations:

  • Direct access to tens of exchanges world-wide
  • Internet-trading from a single account of hundreds of different instruments, which cover all financial and commodity markets (currencies, debt instruments (bonds, notes, etc.), stock indexes of the world biggest economies (for instance, S&P 500, Dow Jones, FTSE, DAX) and commodities – for example, energy resources (oil, gas, gasoline), metals (both precious or industrial) and agricultural markets (wheat, corn, soya beans, sugar, coffee beans, cotton, lumber). Simultaneous trade of instruments with little correlation, different volatility and other unique features may significantly increase your trading profit.
  • An opportunity to create various trading strategies, which will make profit during the rise or fall of the market (with certain strategies you will be able to make money even if the market does not move or moves very little).
  • Transparency and clarity of the price formation (the price is determined during open exchange trading).
  • Marginal principle of trading, at that, in contrast to the spot market, use of leverage is free of charge (no swaps).

The minimum deposit to start trading at the futures and options exchanges is $2,500.

The Client agreement is concluded between the client and the Futures & Options Broker (often called Futures Commissions Merchant or FCM)..

To get a demo-access to Futures and Options trading it is necessary to fill in the form and after that you will get instructions on how to install the software along with a login and password and other useful information.

To open a trading account you have to fill in the form and after that our specialists will contact you and explain next steps in the procedure of the account opening. For more information please look here.

If you have any questions concerning futures and options trading, please contact us by email fo@fibogroup.com or by phone +43 (1) 253 084 05 81. Our specialists will help you.