Launch of updated IB Cabinet

Published 16:31 19.02.2013

Dear clients,

We are glad let you know about updates to the IB Cabinet.

At present the IB Cabinet is composed of three sections: “Statistics”, “Acquisition”, “Settings”.

In the section “Statistics” you can find information concerning IB account:

  • A total report on clients in your IB group. We have added a more convenient way to search your clients and we have also added different report sorting parameters.
  • IB reports. Information on credited IB fee as well as on closed trades by clients.
  • Report on balance operations effected on the IB account.
  • Statistics of IB site.

In the section “Acquisition” you will find instruments which let you make the process of acquiring new IB Clients more efficient. Banners, PR tools, Informers etc. are placed in this section.

Section “Settings” was worked out to manage settings of IB notifications on new clients in group as well as the operations of these clients.

In addition to the above points important changes were also made to the design and interface of the IB Cabinetís section. Please, kindly note that current version is not the final one, we are continually looking for ways to improve our services and interface. In the near future we hope to make more positive changes to ensure our clients are able to operate in the easiest and most efficient way possible.

You can help us improve the functionality of Client and IB Cabinets by letting us know about your ideas and opinions by sending a message to the Customer Service Department or to e-mail

Best regards,
FIBO Group