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Partner Offer: Get 25% of commissions from every transaction on NDD.

Dear partners,

We are pleased to inform you that, as from 1st August 2014, the new promotion campaign "25% from each transaction on NDD" has been launched.

From 1st August to 30 September 2014 (inclusive) the IB remuneration for all the existing and potential partners of FIBO Group, Ltd will be 25% from the commissions for each complete transaction on MT4 NDD and cTrader regardless of the trading volume achieved by the Partner’s group.

For more information regarding conditions of our new promotion please contact our regional development department by phone, via on-line chat on the Company’s website, “Mailbox” in the Client’s Cabinet or by e-mail to

25% bonus

Dear Clients!

We are glad to inform you about a new bonus program “25% bonus”. According to the conditions of the promotion all clients who have opened a real trading account MT4 Fixed and MT4 Floating can use 25% bonus with their deposited funds. The main condition of the promotion is that the deposited amount has to be more than 10 000 USD.

Terms and conditions of the promotion:

The bonus is available only for MT4 Fixed and MT4 Floating types of account.

Promotion period valid from the 10th of February, 2014 till the 31st of December, 2014.

  • Minimum deposit: 10 000 USD
  • One client per bonus account.
  • Bonus amount is calculated proportionally to the deposited amount: it increases by further depositing and reduces by withdrawal.

Bonus amount is 25%. The bonus is deposited upon funds being credited to a bonus account using direct transfer via one of the deposit methods you may find in the section "Deposit funds" in your Client's Cabinet. It's impossible to make a deposit to a bonus account via internal transfer. The bonus funds will be credited to the activated account after termination of the promotion's activation period.

The amount of the bonus increases 25 % from the amount of the deposited amount after each deposit to your trading account. The amount of bonus decreases 25 % from the amount of the withdrawn amount after each withdrawal from your trading account. The total amount of bonus may not exceed 5000 USD.

  • Deposit funds: deposited amount * 20 % = amount credited to the bonus part of your trading account;
  • Withdrawal of Funds: withdrawn amount * 20% = amount withdrawn from the bonus part of your trading account.

To take part in the promotion it is necessary to:

  • open a new real account during 10th of February, 2014 till the 31st of December, 2014.;
  • select a Bonus program "Bonus 25%";
  • enter a promo code J8LB6Y;
  • deposit it with 10 000 USD.

After completing the registration your account will be deposited with the bonus.


Bonus funds deposited during the promotion period cannot be withdrawn from the account. Registration of an account in the context of the bonus program is carried out by means of choosing the appropriate program in the drop-down list "Bonus program" in the registration form. Active Clients of the Company have to open bonus accounts via their Clients' Cabinets, for new clients - via Company's web site. The company is entitled to deny the deposit bonus or cancel a credited bonus at any time if there are any disagreements to presume that a Client deposited to a (bonus) trading account with funds which were earlier withdrawn by a Client from his trading account (trading accounts) including but going beyond as well bank transfer, transfer via any paying system etc.

The Company is entitled to cancel and withdraw the credited bonus if it considers that a Client has undertaken certain actions which are aimed at illegitimate use of the bonus funds.

The Company isn't responsible for any consequences of the bonus cancellation including Margin Call and Stop Out.

The Company is entitled to introduce changes to the conditions of promotion "Bonus 25%" and to also abolish the current promotion at any time without prior notification. Abolishment of the promotion does not apply to Clients who take part in the promotion at the moment of abolishment.

A Client has the right to impeach the denial of the bonus deposit and cancellation of the credited bonus during 5 working days via sending reclamation to:

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