It is not easy for an entry-level investor, not in possession of the requisite knowledge and skills, to use trading tools effectively, to manage existing available funds, and to differentiate between them accurately. At FIBO, we do our best to help you to be successful on the financial markets.

There are several steps you need to take:

  • Contact one of our investment advisers by telephone, on +43 (1) 253 084 05 81, or visit one of our offices. There you will receive detailed information about a range of profitable means of investment from which you will be able to choose what best suits your particular situation and objectives. In the event that you are too busy to visit us in person, you can send a query specifying a convenient time for us to call you. One of our advisors will promptly contact you and inform you about the opportunities provided by our company, in addition to answering any further questions you may have. If you prefer electronic mail, send us an email and you will promptly receive a comprehensive reply.
  • Familiarize yourself with the material on the site: read articles dedicated to financial markets in the "Beginners" section.
  • Read the available literature: look over the list of books popular among traders. Knowledge thus acquired will assist you to achieve effective results and prevent you from making many of the common and recurring mistakes made by beginners.
  • Try your skills in financial market trading without risking ‘real assets’ by opening a free demo account. Although trading on a demo account is not fully reflective of real trading conditions, nevertheless it will enable you to familiarize yourself with the trading platform and learn the basics of trading. Demo account will be valid as long as you execute at least one transaction within 60 days. Moreover, you can replenish your training deposit with unlimited virtual funds in your Personal Cabinet.
  • Once you feel that you are in a position to trade on the financial markets, you can open a real account and make deals.

We would be pleased if you chose our company as your partner, and we assure you that we will do our best to provide you with the best trading conditions available.

Trading on Forex training

Occupation of a currency trader on Forex is difficult but at the same time fascinating and diversified.

However, as in any other profession, traders are not born, they become so. You have to learn everything in this life. If you want to manage your life and your finances with the help of Forex, then learn trading thoroughly, and preferably not hurry-scurry. That is why one should choose a place of trading on Forex online training not according to loud signboards of educational institutions, when there is a whole lot of them today. Lessons, courses, forex education, academies, stock exchange universities - all of them promise beginners just the same for free: to share the secrets of trading. Then why doesn't everybody know these secrets?

As a matter of fact, there are many methods with the help of which experienced traders calculate the price movement. All of these methods are confirmed by practice and used for years. All you need is to learn from these traders. The process of learning forex has the desired effect only in alliance with professional traders.

Demo trading on Forex. Demo forex account peculiarities.
Professional traders on Forex advise that even having studied a full course of theoretical training it is too early to enter the market and make real transactions on Forex, it is necessary to "feel" the market and to acquire expertise.

Trading on a demo account does not technically differ from trading on a live account. There is no difference between forex rates, but there are differences in human PSYCHOLOGY, trading with our own money is tougher than a "virtual" deposit.

In addition to that, a demo account allows you to get acquainted with your working tool - the MetaTrader trading platform.

In order to carry out transactions on the Forex and CFD markets, FIBO Group offers its clients one of the most popular forex software - MetaTrader 4. The platform has incorporated the ease of working with transaction requests and big possibilities of an in-depth technical analysis of a foreign exchange movement by means of a significant set of graphical tools and news feed, requiring the minimum amount of resources of a trader's workstation.